At 30 September 2017, 6.858.288 parent company shares were held as treasury stock, which represented 3.47% of its share capital.

COEMAC did not operate stock option schemes for employee’s remuneration

Information published in the CNMV (Spanish National Securities Market Commission - in Spanish)

Corporación Empresarial de Materiales de Construcción, S.A. .

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The Articles of Association of Corporación Empresarial de Materiales de Construcción S.A. (COEMAC) were approved by the General Shareholders Meeting held on June 22, 2015.

Table of contents:

Part I – Name, registered office, purpose and duration of the company
Articles 1st to 4th

Part II – Share capital
Articles 5th to 9th

Part III – Corporate governance
Articles 10th to 27th

Part IV – Fiscal year and financial documents
Articles 28th and 29th

Financial calendar 2016*
February 29th, 20162H 2015 results
March 30th, 2016Full-year 2015 results
April 28th, 2016Q1 2016 results
May 19th, 2016Annual General Meeting
May 30th, June 1st 2016XII MedCap Forum launched by BME
August 2nd, 20161H 2016 results
2nd week of November 2016Q3 2016 results
Last week February 20172H 2016 results
First week of April 2017Full-year 2016 results