Complaints Channel


The purpuse of the complaints channel is the receipt and treatment of complaints of irregularities or any act contrary to the law or violations of the Code of Conduct or the Crime Prevention Policies, committed by employees or subsidiaries of the Group (See Annex I)

Complaints Channel

It is a confidential communication channel between employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, etc. linked to Corporación Empresarial de Material de Construcción, S.A. or its subsidiaries with the Group Compliance Unit under the supervision of the Audit Committee.

Scope of the Channel

They should be reported any possible non-compliance or bad practice related with financial, accounting, commercial or other committed by employees or the Group and its subsidiaries.

Complaint Communication

The communications can be made using the following form.

The complaints will be received by the Compliance Unit and the Audit Committee will determine the resources, methods and procedures for investigating each complaint.